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Dr Triona Ni Chonghaile

Dr Triona Ni Chonghaile

The development of a novel HDAC6 inhibitor that can kill chemoresistant breast cancers

Dr Triona Ni Chonghaile's research“A subtype of breast cancer, called triple negative breast cancer, has a poor response to treatment. The mainstay of treatment is chemotherapy for these patients. Initially, the patients respond to treatment but all too often the patients relapse and then they become resistant to treatment. Therefore, there is a need to identify new therapies that can treat triple negative breast cancer that is resistant to chemotherapy. Following screening 30,000 small molecules, we identified a molecule that could kill chemoresistant breast cancer cells more readily than the normal non-cancerous cells. We are now trying to understand exactly how this small molecule works. How does it kill cancer cells selectively? We hope to improve the structure of the small molecule so that it can go from a molecule in the laboratory to potentially being a drug used in the clinic that has an impact on patient care.”

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