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Tracy Briggs

Dr Sneha Malde

Searching for New Physics Through Measuring the Differences Between Matter and Anti-Matter
The Universe began with a bang and energy came together to form equal quantities of matter and antimatter, but as the universe cooled and expanded, its composition changed and antimatter disappeared, leaving matter to form everything around us. The LHCb experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider was set up to explore what happened after the big bang that allowed matter to survive. Sneha’s research at LHCb investigates why the universe is matter dominated. The Standard Model of the universe cannot be the full picture as it fails to answer this and Sneha hopes that New Physics– the term coined to describe the fundamental theories that go beyond the Standard model – will be discovered in the data collected by the LHC experiments. By fully understanding the differences between matter and anti-matter (commonly referred to as CP-violation) that are allowed within the Standard Model, Sneha anticipates the breakdown of the standard model and the manifestation of New Physics. For the first time, the data from the LHCb experiment allows a precise measurement of this difference, the CP-violation parameter “gamma”. Sneha aims to expand a powerful method of measurement she has developed, to exploit parts of the data that have not yet been analysed. She anticipates a significant step forward in the search for New Physics.

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