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Dr silvia-giordani

Dr Silvia Giordani

A New Avenue Towards "Smart" Medicines
Dr Silvia Giordani is a Research Lecturer at the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin. Dr Giordani’s research project is geared towards the synthesis, characterization and application of new nanoparticles that carry several key functions in one construct, thereby making them suitable as smart and responsive therapeutic vehicles. Combining biological systems and new nanomaterials may improve methods for disease diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and control. Each nanoparticle can essentially be viewed as a targeted delivery system, with the ultimate aim of producing a system capable of direct “communication” between diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic functions located on a single biocompatible platform. Dr Giordani plans to spend the award on building an international research partnership as well as the purchase of essential laboratory chemicals, solvents and consumables required to support her research.

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