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Dr Paola Crippa

Dr Paola Crippa

Modelling particulate matter pollution from vegetation fires in South-East Asia

Dr Paola Crippa's research“According to the World Health Organization 3.7 million people prematurely die each year due to the exposure to atmospheric air pollutants. Most of these deaths occur in developing countries where larger amounts of harmful chemical compounds such as toxic gases and particulate matter are released in the atmosphere. The United Nations recently raised concerns regarding the health and climatic impacts of particles emitted by vegetation fires in regions subject to land use changes and human driven deforestation such as South-East Asia, where they are responsible for 10,800 premature deaths per year. In the proposed research I aim to understand how particulate matter from vegetation fires is transported over South-East Asia and contributes to regional air pollution phenomena. This project makes use for the first time of high resolution simulations from a state-of-the-art regional atmospheric chemistry model to capture both urban and regional scale air pollution features. I will integrate model results with satellite data to more accurately predict population exposure to harmful concentrations of particulate matter. Results from my research will help to plan for strategies to mitigate impacts on human health in densely populated areas affected by vegetation fires”.

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