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Tracy Briggs

Dr Eva-Maria Graefe

Engineering Holes in Quantum Systems

Progress in technology is often triggered by paradigm shifts in science that open up new and unexpected possibilities. Traditionally, loss, leakage, friction, and dissipation of energy from a quantum system were regarded as undesirable and to be avoided. Recent research however, focuses on the possibility of modifying systems via engineering these losses or holes and using them to our advantage. Eva-Maria’s research concerns these leaky quantum systems, using a formalism known as non-Hermitian quantum mechanics. The systematic application of these ideas relies crucially on a detailed theoretical understanding of the mechanisms and effects of loss, on all scales. There is currently a lot of research interest in this field and many new experimental areas are opening up as a result. Eva-Maria hopes to provide new theoretical tools for the description and prediction of novel experimental applications, building on her own recent conceptual breakthroughs.

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