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L'Oréal’s For Women in Science is an international programme awarding fellowships and bursaries to exceptional female scientists across the globe. Now in its twelfth year, it has a very clear message: ‘the world needs science, science needs women’. The programme recognises women who have made key contributions in science across all disciplines, from astrophysics to zoology.

Women are at the forefront of advances in many scientific disciplines, particularly in health and life sciences. But they are not represented equally across all disciplines and overall, women make up just a quarter of those in research. The percentage of women in positions which allow them to determine research agendas or make major decisions is tiny. And even today, as in the past, women scientists and their role in driving science forward may be invisible. This is why L’Oreal believes it’s important to celebrate great women scientists, of the past and of today, to inspire those of the future.

This website showcases women’s contribution to science and its impact on the world we live in. Just a small selection of women’s achievements are told here, many of whom did not receive the acknowledgement that their merit and dedication deserved. We know that there are many more whose stories should and must be told.

We invite you read about the extraordinary women scientists listed here. But if you feel there are women who ought to have a place in this hall of fame, please nominate them. We would also like you to vote for the woman scientist whom you think is the most inspirational.

Women in Science

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